Mobile Treatment Services

Mobile Treatment Services

Corsica River Mental Health Services- Is a nonprofit mental health clinic.


What is Mobile Treatment?

Mobile Treatment Services (MTS) is a complete integration of outpatient and psychiatric rehabilitation services. It supplies outreach, treatment, and support at the client’s home, work, shelter, or any other proper location. MTS serves those who need an alternative to traditional forms of outpatient treatment, such as adults with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI).

At Corsica River Mental Health Services, our Mobile Treatment Team (MTT) supplies specific and proper psychiatric, vocational, rehabilitation, health and wellness, peer support, and substance abuse services. Our Team delivers comprehensive services, including self-advocacy, which empowers the client to become as independent as possible. Our MTT also provides individual, family, and group services.

The treatment process begins with a psychiatric evaluation that includes the client’s history, mental status, and diagnosis. Based on this screening, a treatment plan will be developed and continually reviewed with the client every six months, or as needed.


How Family Support Can Help

It is essential to surround ourselves with family and friends for support and comfort in both times of joy and distress. Studies have shown that supportive relationships are a strong protective factor against mental illnesses and helps to increase our mental well-being.

Mobile treatment also supports and provides family-based interventions. Family-based interventions combine activities to build family support with health education to increase physical activity among children. Interventions provide goal-setting tools and skills to monitor progress.


Family members can be involved by:

  • Learning about the treatment program and recovery process
  • Participating in intake and recovery planning
  • Sharing in the learning process/lessons
  • Attending family groups or appointments (as appropriate)
  • Encouraging and supporting the family member who is in treatment in a gentle and non-judgmental manner
Housing Assistance & Family Involvement

  • Find suitable shelter
  • Secure leases
  • Purchase skills and develop relationships with landlords
  • Improve housekeeping skills
  • Crisis management
  • Counseling, and psychoeducation with family and extended family Coordination with family service agencies

Rehabilitative Approach to Daily Living Skills & Work Opportunities

  • Grocery shopping and cooking
  • Purchase and care of clothing
  • Use of transportation
  • Social and family relationships
  • Education about legal rights and Coping skills
  • Support in finding volunteer and vocational opportunities, liaising with and educating employers, and serving as a job coach for clients.

Health Promotion & Medication Support

  • Order medications from the pharmacy
  • Deliver medications to clients
  • Educate about medication
  • Monitor medication compliance and side effects
  • Preventive health education
  • Medical screening
  • Schedule maintenance visits
  • Liaison for acute medical care
  • Reproductive counseling and sex education

Meet the Mobile Treatment Team:
Clinic Coordinator – Paula Turner, LCSW-C
Administration – Leslie Moon
Nurse – Penny Reed, RN
Prescriber – Mary Bourbon, CRNP
Peer Support Specialist – Detrich Heath, Certified
Employment Specialist – LaTrell Solomon, LGPC
Substance Use Disorder Specialist, Rani Gutting, LMSW
Clinician Therapist – Will Turley, LMSW

Our Mobile Treatment Team works in tandem to provide services to the individual as needed. The expectation is for the client to meet with every team member to fully benefit from the MTT approach. Our MTT consists of:

  • A Certified Nurse Practitioner who will help the client understand prescribed medications for both somatic and mental health
  • A Peer Support Specialist that will provide overall support, including facilitating appointments and groups
  • An Employment Specialist that will work with the client to find employment and apply for benefits
  • A Clinician that will help educate and empower the client, regarding their mental health symptoms

Treatment Approach and Methodology

  • Maximize access to services
  • Motivate consumers to seek and continue treatment
  • Minimize resistance and denial
  • Confront dependency and helplessness
  • Provide a framework for prevention and health maintenance
  • Operate in the context of the “real world”
  • Assure comprehensiveness in addressing the whole person within the treatment



The Mobile Treatment Team Process
Once a referral is received in its entirety, the MTT will review it and determine if it is appropriate for MTT Services. Decisions are based on the criteria outlined by the Behavioral Health Administration.

  • If appropriate, an intake would be scheduled with the MTT Clinician and the client within two weeks.
  • A nursing assessment is conducted within seven days following the intake.
  • Other team members will make introductions to the client within the month.
  • A psychiatric evaluation will be conducted with the CRNP/prescriber.
  • The Team meets every weekday morning to discuss the client’s progress and needs.

On-call Services

CRMHS provides on-call services for all clients, which would include MTT clients. CRMHS clinicians, along with the MTT members, share in this rotation. The purpose of the on-call services is not to provide therapy, scheduling, or services otherwise supported during regular operating hours. The purpose of this service is to triage the client’s needs and/or to make recommendations as appropriate. If it is determined the client needs immediate mental health attention, they would be advised to go to the nearest Emergency Department or contact Mobile Crisis. The client or CRMHS provider may contact Mobile Crisis to assist the client.



Our services are available for adults residing in Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, and Talbot counties. Clients can self-refer or be referred by existing providers. Please contact us for more details or click the link to access our form and our staff will be reaching out.


Our Mission:

To provide caring, effective, and highly accessible psychiatric treatment and therapy to all Mid-shore Communities








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